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A page about who I am and what I've done.

A Little About Me

My name is Triston Guest, an avid creator, who spends his free time in various game engines, creating content for projects, and playing Tabletop RPG's. Along with that, I also enjoy video games, reading, and writing. Graduate of Boise State University's GIMM program. Currently pursuing my Master's at the Savannah College of Art and Design! I have learned an incredible amount of information and improved my skills during my education. I have learned how to design game systems and levels, create, texture, and rig 3D models, and use bootstrap along with AWS servers to host my own website. That website being this one! To further my career, I would love to go into the design aspect of creating games, from narrative, lore, and dialogue, to creating levels, systems, and models.

That's enough about me! If you look below, you can see the projects I've worked on! Please check out my Artstation as well! I post most of my 3D projects there. Alternatively, check out my Rookies page for more detailed posts about my projects.

I also have very nerdy D&D creations here!

Electric Eden (2023)

Electric Eden is a puzzling platformer game. You take control of Glyph, a cyborg armadillo who is searching through ancient high tech ruins to discover the secrets of the world before. Along his journey, he will need to use his electric enhancements to roll, tail whip, and speed through a dangerous world!

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HIVE DIE (2023)

HIVE is a Dice Game that started as a paper prototype for my GAME 734: Systems and Simulations class at SCAD Savannah. I wanted to create a system that would replicate a bustling hive of insects! This is a dice rolling simulation experience with a few choices to help the player direct the course of their own personal Hive, acting as its caretaker or Queen.

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Upheaval of Ages (2020)

This project is a turn based text RPG adapted from a tabletop campaign world of my creation. It is currently on hold for my Master's degree, but I have high hopes for a narrative, story driven game on a world with countless hours of worldbuilding. This project uses the Godot system and its built-in language, GDScript.

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Block: Volley Defender (2020)

This game was made for my senior project. I set out to create a medieval themed reflex game in Unity VR. In the process, I decided I wanted to focus more on the arcade-like nature of the game, and added in a system to quickly switch out shield types. This change added much more fun to the gameplay.

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Theia (2020)

Theia was a collaborative group application in GIMM, where my team worked directly with the Idaho Access Project. The app was created with React Native, its purpose is to assist visually impaired individuals with navigating via Bluetooth beacons.
It was an incredible experience and I am proud to have been a part of this rewarding project.

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Nanobot Swarm (2019)

This project implemented Unity Machine Learning to create an enemy AI. I wanted to make the gameplay short and fun, and an oversight in my Unity's layering system provided the perfect solution. Originally the players projectiles would only effect the center torso and push the bots away. With a small change in Unity the player could target legs instead, sending the bots spinning like a top!

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Broken Ties (2018)

Broken Ties was the first video game I created and released. It was made with RPGMaker VX Ace. I created the faces and player character models using their creation tool, and scripted out the dialogue and scenes in the system. I also revamped all of the base skills, and changed the numbers and stats from the base game to a balance I was happier with. Currently, the game is released on steam!

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